Question 12

12. What are Joe's difficulties at the participation level?

1. With all of Joe's recent falls and short term memory loss I would say he would no longer be able to work as a bus driver. (Marleigh)

I agree with Marleigh, he could perhaps forget where he is or which kids he has dropped off and or which ones he hasn't. (Betsy)

I also agree with Marleigh and Betsy, also I think that his increased frequency of urination and urge to go would impair him from being a bus driver. (Missy)

His increased frequency of urination would impede him in many ADLs: driving, shopping, having to wait in line, etc. (Amber)

Joe would have difficulty being able to look after his daughter Cindy with short term memory loss and balance issues. (Laura)

Due to decreased vibration sensation in the LE, Joe would no longer be safe as a bus driver.
My reasoning is because he may not be able to feel any out of normal vibration from the bus or it may affect acceleration/decelleration for him. (Denise)

Joe's double vision could have the potential of getting worse, in which case, he would lose some of his independence in ADL's. (Megan)

I agree with Laura that he could be unable to look after his daughter due to his memory and balance issues but also due to his problems getting progressively worse over time which would make him even less able. (Sara)

Megan raises a good point with Joe's double vision. This could somewhat be affecting his balance as well. Either way, many ADLs require proper vision to complete. Driving could get really difficult if he can't see. (Marley)

At a participation level, Joe is unable to perform required tasks to be a bus driver. Along with the other things mentioned above, a contributing factor would be increasing numbness and tingling in his Upper Left extremity. The patient is unable to grip a steering wheel with his dominant hand due to numbness. (Steph)

If Joe participates in any recreational sports, he would have difficulty doing those acivities. (Chelsea)

Joe's lack of balance affects his ability to play with his young daughter. (Erin)

Joe could be unable to drive the bus due to the tingling in left UE. (Ben)

Pt cannot participate as bus driver. (John)

The pt's problems with balance will affect his ability to be a bus driver and his ability to perform ADLs. (Bo)

Joe's decreased sensation in the involved extremities limit him from safely performing certain activities and ADLs, such as cooking over a hot stove, walking barefoot outdoors, etc.—Activities that may be harmful if not for one's ability to sense potential injury. (Mandy)

Joe's frequent urination will impair his ability to participate in ADLs which involve sitting for long periods of time, or waiting in line. (Britt)

Joe cannot perform his job safely. (Leslie)

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