Question 17

Joe has some memory impairments. What could Joe work on to help compensate for these impairments?

To help compensate he can get into a routine to help with his memory loss. He can make notes, use a calendar or a planner to keep track of daily events, and setting alarms can be helpful. (Marleigh K.)

Another idea for Joe is to establish standard places to keep daily needed items, such as, car keys and eye glasses, keeping them always in a certain spot when not using them will help Joe with his memory impairments. (Carley)

A good suggestion for Joe is to concentrate on one thing at a time and do things one step at a time. Cooking and other ADL's often involve steps, and Joe should try to focus on one activity at a time. (Tiffany)

Another compensation technique would be the use of family and friends. He could ask them to help him remember to do things. Also using imagery, rehearsal, or mnemonic strategies could help in his memory impairments. (Melissa)

By combining the suggestions mentioned above (Marleigh, Carley, Tiffany) with family and friends (Melissa), Joe could compensate for memory impairments. For example, if family and friends went through Joe's home and were aware of the location of his planner, glasses, car keys, cook books etc. - they could help Joe if he were to forget where he keeps those items. A list of family and friends phone numbers kept next to his phone would be helpful so he doesn't forget their numbers. (Liz)

Joe could help with his memory loss by going through a similar daily routine to help him remember things he needs to do throughout a day. I also agree with Marleigh that making notes would be helpful with his memory. (Laura)

It may also be helpful for Joe to repeat information aloud back to himself. For instance, if an object must be placed in a new location, Joe should verbally repeat that location to himself. This method is also useful when trying to learn something new. (Mandy)

Joe could also benefit from making labels to go around his home for him to know where important things are kept and so they always get put back in the same place again. (Sara)

Expanding on Marleigh's, I would suggest a journal for Joe to keep on him at all times. He could keep a list of common places for his keys, wallet, etc. as well as write comments on things his family mentions have said or done. This way Joe won't have the frustration of losing things but he can also keep up with family and not feel badly about forgetting a birthday/comment/joke. (Denise)

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