Question 21

What are the different clinical courses of MS? (types of progression)

Relapsing remitting is the most common type of MS and approximately 85% of newly diagnosed patients have this type. In relapsing remitting, the patient experiences relapses or attacks of neurologic dysfunction. These attacks last at least 24 hours and can last for days to months. A stable period of at least 30 days must lapse before another attack to be qualified at relapsing remitting. (Tiffany)

Secondary-Progressive is another form and 50% of relapsing-remitting cases become secondary-progressive. With this type of MS the pt. continues to get worse. (Kristen)

Primary-Progressive is a type of MS that is a steady downward spiral of the disease. It is usually worse in men. (Marleigh K.) Pathophysiology Notes Dr. Jodi Roller

What is the difference between primary-progressive and the secondary progressive forms of MS?
One difference is that secondary progressive is initially relapsing-remitting MS. It eventually moves into secondary progressive to continually get worse without the relapses. Primary progressive will immediately spiral to get worse and has no relapse period. (Denise)

Progressive-Relapsing is the 4th type of MS. It is the rarest form of the disease, and the patient goes through ups and downs of MS. On a side note: men who get MS normally get a worse form than women. (Melissa) Pathophysiology Notes-Dr. Jodi Roller

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