Question 22

As a follow-up to question 21, what type of MS do you think that Joe has and why?

1. Joe might have the relapsing-remitting form of MS because he presented with symptoms such as facial numbness and which lasted for months and remitted 3 years before having different symptoms such as diplopia and balance problems later. From question 21, the relapsing-remitting form of MS can have symptoms that can last for months. (Laura)

2. I may be suspicious of Joe possibly having a secondary-progressive form of MS as well, or potentially transitioning to that stage later on because his symptoms became seemingly more severe (with diplopia and balance impairments) after he went into the remitting phase following his episodes of facial numbness, as Laura pointed out. (Mandy)

Adding to Laura's: I agree that it may be relapsing-remitting because of the long period of time in between the sets of symptoms. I do wonder about progressive-relapsing MS. Though it is rare, in the population that it DOES affect it tends to be men. I also wonder about this because of the big increase in severity of his symptoms. (Denise)

I agree with Denise and Laura. Joe's onset of symptoms and length of absence of symptoms meet the criteria of relapsing-remitting described by Tiffany in Question 21. However, given that Joe is male and is at risk for developing more serious forms of MS, Mandy provides a great point that he may be progressing or may progress in the future to secondary-progressive. (Tyler)

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