Question 24

What would be the most appropriate tool to evaluate Joe's level of disability? (Check your pathophysiology book). How would you score Joe and why?

1. In order to first diagnose that Joe does have MS, an MRI would be needed and other diseases would have to be ruled out. (Ex: spinal cord compression, metastasis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.) (Kristen) Pathophysiology book.

2. The appropriate tool to measure his disability is the Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status scale. It is used to monitor the patients disability changes. It is important to see the progress and decline of the disease. I would score Joe at a 5.5 or 6 because he can not get through a whole day without his symptoms effecting him and he is ambulatory but uses his furniture or items around for balance when walking. (Marleigh K.) Pathophysiology book pg 1436-1437

3. I agree with Marleigh, The Kurtzke Expanded Status scale is a great tool to use to evaluate Joe's disability. It gives us a way to quantify the disability and track any changes. This is both helpful for the therapist in monitoring and motivating for the patient. (Jordan)

4. I would grade him a 6.0 on the Kurtzke expanded disability status scale because he has intermittent or unilateral constant assistance that is required to walk 100 m with or without resting. (John)

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